Colour Analysis


Colors are beautiful! Did you know there are some special colors that make YOU beautiful? This is exactly why a ‘red’ flower peps you up and a room painted ‘grey’ has no effect. Interestingly, the case may be entirely different with your friend!

Different personalities react differently to colors and there is an impact of colors on mind greater than you ever thought! Many scientific studies have shown that colors affect humans, both psychologically and emotionally.

How Colour Analysis helps you:

  • Understand what colours best suit you.
  • What colours to avoid – There’s a difference between a colour that attracts you and one that makes YOU attractive!.
  • How to wear your colours and how to combine them.
  • How to interpret fashion trends in terms of colour.
During the consultation session, I will show you how certain hues and shades complement your natural tone more than others. You will find out how to wear and combine colours to achieve the look you want and co-ordinate your wardrobe to achieve greater number of outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes. Finding out how best to wear the colours you already have and where to find your colours this season are an integral part of the session.

You receive a Colour Analysis Workbook detailing all the advice given and personalised Colour Swatch – a pocket sized colour blending guide that accompanies you on all your clothes hunting and shopping spree.

Your Colour Analysis session takes approximately 2 hours with an additional 1 hour for the Cosmetics application.

Colour analysis and knowing your best colours can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. It is a great start for the journey to a new, confident and gorgeous you!

Take another step to completing your Total Image Review and get to grips with what clothing shapes and styles best suit your body shape by booking a personalised Style Session Now!

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