About me

Hi I am Neha Malhotra, working as a specialist Image Consultant and a Finishing School Trainer for both Individual and Corporate trainings. I am associated with the Aviation Industry for over 10 years. Having graduated in commerce from Delhi University and accomplished masters with specialization in Human Resource Management from symbiosis Pune, I have worked as an Inflight manager, with the national flag carrier Air India Ltd.

Having travelled extensively all over the world, I have acquired comprehensive knowledge of different cultures, trends and lifestyles of different countries. Being close to diverse environments has helped me immensely to develop a sensitive eye to fashion, style and culture. I have undergone extensive trainings in Mumbai and London on various aspects of image, during my tenure as an airline crew member in Air India.

Image as a subject has fascinated me a lot. I believe that it is the way other people see us and influence how they react to our requests, demands and opinions. It is a visiting card that leaves remarkable impression for a lifetime. The key is to find how to get the best out of it.

Training and mentoring is where I excel in. With an innate ability to train, I have always emphasized upon understanding diverse needs of individuals and organizations. As a professional my motto is to provide them with apt modules and assist them in managing and creating positive impression in various aspects of life – Professional, Personal and Social.

Training and educating is my passion. The same has led to the inception of nehamalhotra.com the one stop shop for image related solutions. I believe that as an image consultant, the most gratifying experience is to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

“Solving image related dilemmas and bringing the best in you!”



About Dr. Joyce Knudsen
Joyce is a pioneer in her field having developed the first and only Home Study Mentoring Program in the world awarding 4 CEU credits by AICI (The Association of Image Consultants, International) She has the coveted distinction of receiving the first CIM (Certified Image Master), the highest achievement in the Image Industry, through AICI. In addition, Joyce was recognized at a banquet by her peers with the 2001 IMMIE AWARD (Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence) for her work in the Image Industry. Know More..