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Etiquette and lifestyle: in this section I would like to mention and take up all manners that help us show respect not only at home but beyond our home, in society. I will highlight different ways and means through which we can show the society how much we care and appreciate. It’s easy to be rude but very difficult to be courteous and emphetetic. Let’s consider some few handy points to get started.

Dining out:

To ensure your dining out is an enjoyable experience for you and people dining out with you. It is necessary to follow certain protocol weather dining in a very formal restaurant or a casual place.

  • Treat the wait staff with utmost respect and courtesy as you would do to someone serving you at home.
  • What to do when?
  1. If you have dropped something on the floor, do not pick it up from the floor yourself and place it on the table. Tell your server, who will retrieve it and get a replacement for you.
  2. If your fork or glass is unclean wait for the server to pass by your table and ask for it to be replaced. Never wipe it with your napkin. Avoid making a fuss about it.
  3. If you spot a hair or a bug in the dish. Quietly catch the attention of a waiter and tell him the problem, he will quickly arrange for a replacement dish.

Official Life

It is an amazing privilege and opportunity to be responsibly involved in official dealings. Weather a government or private or multinational company you are working with it is very important to follow certain disciplinary habits while at work, to deliver respect and trust to people and organisations you may be dealing with. Some of the very important ones are

  • Always observe your body language with others at workplace, and correct it whenever required.
  • Be conscious about the etiquette of introducing yourself to others properly and addressing them with right prefix.
  • Always offer a handshake whenever appropriate.
  • If you want to be respected, represent yourself well.

Out And About: be a good host and a guest

You will have a pleasant socialising experience if you will practice the three key courtesies

  1. Treating the people you meet with, and those who serve you with respect
  2. Keeping your requests reasonable as much as possible.
  3. Lastly as a guest, you should never leave a mark, be it physical litter or a negative impression about yourself.

With these in mind you will never have a ridiculous experience with attending any kind of social gatherings. to know more about etiquette that influence our lifestyle

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