Urban Lifestyle

“Society” is an ambiguous term; it may mean much or nothing. Every human being–unless dwelling alone in a cave–is a member of society.

Urban lifestyle is all about living our lives in meaningful connected relationships, demonstrating love, care and concern towards individuals and society. This is expressed through our state of manners and etiquette while dealing with people around in our environment.

Urban lifestyle in true sense is full of hectic schedules where people have very less time for themselves and their day to day activities. Surrounded by all these challenges rule of etiquette, poise and protocol have become very important aspects of living life.

The programme focuses of the following important aspects in today’s life:

  • About etiquette
  • Dressing up for successful image
  • Social graces
  • Art of greetings
  • Art of conversation
  • Art of walking in heels
  • Dynamics of body language
  • Developing a style
Another important aspect of urban lifestyle. In this section we’ll look at manners that help us through the day. Starting from a quick, warm greeting to waiting in line, your appearance we help you integrate mannerisms in day to day activities.

Anti-social etiquettes are not intentional nor does one wakes up in the morning to be rude all long. Yet situations such as being in a hurry, dealing with strangers and many more makes most of us the social mannerisms.

Module emphasises upon the following:

  • Common courtesies
  • Appropriate behaviour to be followed in the public
  • Writing thank you notes
  • Gift giving etiquette
We are socialising in our day to day life. The way we conduct ourselves and behave with others leaves a great impression about our image and overall personality.

We understand that each one needs expert advice and guidance, hence Image and Style Expert Neha Malhotra acts as a mentor to walk you through the path of finishing training programmes.
You will experience a positive “can do” attitude in every bit of the module.

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“Manners maketh man.”
William of Wykeham