The Elite International Image & Coaching Certification Program

This complete program is a 80 hour Course, which will give you all the theoretical and practical information as well as solid preparation for AICI’s Certifications that you will need about the Image & Coaching Industry.

Now, Neha Malhotra in association with ImageMaker, Inc. ® is offering the Coaching Program with Certification From The International Coaching Institute®. Yes, two certifications into one.

Besides International Image Certification, you become a Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Institute ®, a subsidiary of The ImageMaker, Inc. ® Help your clients excel by working with an Executive Mentor and work with assessments to become an Assessment Counselor.

The Elite International Image & Coaching Certification Program is a course you can take from home or in person.  Upon completion of this AICI approved course you will receive 8.0 CEUs.

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Taught by Neha Malhotra on Power Point presentations, Workbook, Skype, Telephone, Discussion and Mentoring in the following areas:

Module One:

  • SUCCESSFUL IMAGE consists of FASHION WARDROBE FOR WOMEN which will explain the fourteen point system, elements of a basic wardrobe, cool and warm colors, petites and full-figured women.
  • FASHION WARDROBE FOR MEN teaches about men’s success in social and business situations. It includes office and social dress, choosing suits, shirts patterns, and color for men, body types and styles, and business guidelines.
  • MAKEUP AND SKIN CARE teaches you about skin needs, beauty burglars, what belongs in a make-up kit, how to apply makeup properly, and so much more.
  • COLOR ANALYSIS will teach you about color history, the three mainstays of color, color harmony, flow, and palettes. We hired scientists to give you the most up-to-date color information on the market and you will receive all of that information! Sixty percent of what people first see is color!
  • FIGURE ANALYSIS – is designed to teach you about body and figure types, lines and silhouette, lifestyle dressing, and the do’s and don’ts of dressing with proportions.  This revolutionary program was designed to develop a client portfolio for your clients….one charge, no per-report fee and no annual fee.

Module Two:

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT consists of BUSINESS STRATEGIC PLANNING to introduce you to personal assessment, how to plan and research your business, have a business checklist, and how to get customers.
  • BUSINESS CASUAL – One of the reasons market researchers say that companies have moved toward casual business wear is that baby boomers, who grew up in jeans, never wanted to go toward the gray flannel suit. Learn the correct concept of what business should be.
  • BUSINESS ETIQUETTE – will equip you with knowledge about social and business etiquette, posture and poise, proper introductions and handshakes. It does not cost anything to be kind and understanding to others.
  • BUSINESS MARKETING will describe the 7 D’s of marketing, types of markets and strategies for business.
  • BUSINESS CONSULTING will explain preferences, the keys to proper listening, and business variables

Module Three:

  • SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATION consists of PROFESSIONAL SPEECHES that you will need to know working in the Image Field. You will be asked to speak and you need to know the format and basics. This module will teach you about how to plan a speech, what you need to own, how to outline a speech, how to use handouts for visual aids and how to combine all aspects to create a successful presentation.
  • SEMINAR PRODUCTION is different than giving a speech. In planning a seminar, you must know how to time yourself, know and understand the use of PowerPoint presentations and learn how to create an Interactive Environment for your participants.
  • COMMUNICATION is a module that includes both the verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. We “say” a lot to the world before we open our mouths. We also need to work on our voice quality and delivery when we communicate if we expect to have the receiver receive the message we intend them to get. This is often not the case.
  • VOICE & DICTION is a module that gives you the practice you need to “hear” yourself. You will learn about projection and pitch, how to do tongue twisters that you can use in your seminars and teach others how their voice affects their image.

Module Four:

  • MARKETING AND COACHING teaching you about BRANDING – Did you know that when you first meet someone, you have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impression? By the time you say hello and offer a handshake, the other person has already formed an opinion about you. Whether we like it or not, perception is reality. Any successful business understands the importance of marketing. A great deal of time, money, and resources goes into marketing the right products to the right markets.
  • PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACHING – You can expect two certification, please find out more.

Modules Five through Eight:

  • After working on modules One through Four, you will be given ASSESSMENTS  for Five Through Eight.This is the most important segment of the program, as you will, not only be Image & Coach Certified. You will be able to qualify for Assessment Counselor Status having taken and learned about Assessments.
  • We believe in the principle: “Model someone who has already reached the goal you want to achieve.”
  • Benefit  your clients by improving their performance/targets/goals, increase openness to personal learning and development,, have greater ownership and responsibility, develop self-awareness, improve specific skills and behaviours correct behavioural performance difficulties and gain greater clarity in roles and objectives.


CEU‘s: 8.0 approved by AICI*

Type:  Anytime Course

Completed In: 80 study hours (in terms of AICI….takes much longer!)

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