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Get trained from the master coach Dr. Joyce Knudsen in association with Neha Malhotra ( Image and Style Expert)

Research has proven it takes just 3 seconds to leave an impression on the other persons mind; hence it is important to leave a favourable first impression as it lasts forever. Further it is proven that major part of your message communicated is visual. Hence appearance plays a very important role in Image management.

Although people make their best efforts for their appearance but lot of other important aspects of Image remain unveiled such as:

  • Are you projecting the right image as per your profession or occasion?
  • Does your image have positive influence over people?
Image management is a process which unveils the core aspects of your image and helps you understand your true self. Image management programe deals with both external and internal involves careful evaluation and controlled implication of appearance on others to leave a desired perception.

Taking into consideration that each person is unique, Image Management is a process that involves detailed understanding of the client’s personal traits, styles, likes/ dislikes strengths and weaknesses.

It then involves placing all the information in the Image Management Framework to work out the best results in various areas of image such as clothing, makeup, colours, wardrobe management, body language, state of manners and etiquette to help the client leave a favourable impression as per the occasion.

Image Management is not a personality development course which just focuses inner aspects, but it is about bringing out your real image outside based on your true self inside.

The image Management Course is an all-inclusive program that trains you to critique your clients and execute one-on-one consultations effectively. The advanced nature of the modules provides tools for in-depth understandings of various elements of Image management framework.

This course is designed for individuals entering the Image industry. The effective and proven methodologies created by our expert Dr.Joyce Knudsen Neha Malhotra ( Image and Style Expert) are based on their experiences in the industry, that enable you to conduct personal and group sessions in regard to image grooming, professional presence, non-verbal communication and business style protocols. The core focus of this course is to let you explore various possibilities.

Expand the possibilities of your Image and Grooming business and add value to your services. We train you with detailed material and tools which will make your client evaluation process an experience.

Course Includes:

  • How to be influential and create a long lasting impression
  • Developing your presentation skills
  • Art of Creating your signature perception
  • Developing a Style for a successful personal and professional engagements
  • Learn the art of coaching and mentoring clients personally and in groups
  • Conducting seminars
  • Social Etiquette and code of conduct focusing upon Common courtesies
  • Art of effective Communication with improved postures and gestures to be able to handle difficult situations with ease
  • Techniques to enhance your Listening Skills
  • Be able to approach people with confidence and make a profound difference with clients
  • Improving Postures and Gestures and focus on over all soft skills
  • Confidence building along with positive approach for success
  • Dress for success according to your body shape
  • Grooming tips
  • Hair styling, accessory management and scarf tying

Module one: Successful Image consists

Fashion wardrobe for women: Wardrobe management, cool and warm colours, various body shapes

Fashion wardrobe for men: Office and social dress, choosing suits, shirt patters, colours for men, men’s style and business guidelines

Makeup and skin care: Skin types, skin needs. A perfect makeup kit, how to apply makeup and lots more

Colour Analysis: Colour history, colour harmony flow and palettes. Colour seasons and process of colour analysis

Figure Analysis: Figure types, lines and silhouettes, power dressing, do’s and don’ts

Module Two: Business Development consists

Business Strategic Planning: Checklist for right Business practices, how to enhance your Business and get more clients

Business Etiquette: Introductions, handshakes, protocol at work, postures and Business ethics.

Business Marketing: Description of 7 D’s of marketing and various types of markets

Module three: Successful Presentation consists

Professional speeches: Basic format for giving a speech, how to outline a speech andhow to use visual aids to deliver a successful speech.

Communication: Includes both verbal and non-verbal communication, aspects of effective communication, voice, speed and pitch.

Module Four: Marketing and coaching consists

Personal Branding: Importance of marketing and personal Branding for a successful business. Image is a perception of others about you, hence marketing is very important for a favourable business image

Professional Executive Coaching: become a professional coach to your clients. Benefit your clients by improving their performance / targets/ goals. Develop self-awareness; attain greater clarity in goals and objectives.

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