Dining Etiquette

The term ‘etiquette’ can be referred to as a social conduct that abides by a set of the rules prevalent in the society one lives in.
The rule of Etiquette is to make you feel comfortable not uncomfortable
Dining Etiquettes play an important part in making a favourable impression.

This programme is a complete guide to do’s and don’ts at a dining table.
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Let us introduce you to a basic protocol to be followed at all times at a dining table. We will provide you with a quick reference handbook defining the dining table dos and don’ts.
You can refer it to make every formal meal situation a pleasure filled and classy experience. The session includes the following:

  • How to use a napkin or serviette?
  • Eating with a knife and fork is a pain in the neck! Let’s make the process a cake walk for you.
  • Learn about the resting position of utensils during conversations at a dining table.
  • A lot more.
Dining out is fun! However, when it comes to restaurant table manners, there are certain etiquettes to be followed.

Right from make a reservation to booking in advance for dining in a group, and discussing any special requirements with the restaurant, it is important to keep in mind specific restaurant etiquettes when dining out.
We offer a perfect guide for attending formal dinner parties graciously. To know more about:

  • Ordering wines
  • Seating in a restaurant
  • Placing orders
  • When to start eating?
  • Proper tipping etiquette
  • Soup eating etiquette
  • Meal order
A table setting is not a haphazard arrangement. It is important to be very careful about the spacing and neatness while setting up a table. Paying attention on minute details can make a lot of difference in the presentation.

We understand the importance of first impression. Modules are carefully designed by experts of the Industry to provide you the best. The module includes:

  • Knowledge about various types of crockery and cutlery
  • Correct placement and usage of cutlery on table
  • Mock training about various meal situations
  • Different types of glassware and their usage
  • Handling messy food

To know more about tableware, apt usage of utensils for various courses of meal, handling of crockery cutlery, and practical illustration of informal table setup, get a specialized session of Table setting and a Dining and Restaurant etiquette module.

The programme will help you handle various meal situations gracefully with more confidence and poise at the table.
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