Diva’s little secret

A true Diva is a combination of smart brain, elegance and style. This course is a complete solution to all that you need to know for your everyday style needs. You will learn the basic and advanced techniques for identifying and enhancing your overall look.

You will get a handbook with quick tips and tricks for hairstyle and makeup.

“A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous”
  • Know your hair type
  • Basic hair care
  • Basic hair styles
  • Know your skin type
  • Basic skin care tips
  • Basic makeup
  • Know your colour season
  • Know your body shape
  • Dress for success according to your body shape
  • Know different face shapes, lip shapes
  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Develop a Style
  • Be a stylish host / guest
  • Table setting
  • Preparing for dinner ( know your utensils)
  • Art of greeting
  • Raising a toast
  • Napkin folding
  • Social graces
  • Walking in heels
  • Improving postures and gestures

Module one: Etiquette at its best

Dining etiquette: Knowing your table manners, knowledge about crockery and cutlery. Various eating styles, Table setting, napkin folding, handling messy food. Types of menu’s. Tip giving Etiquette.

Posture and body language: Positive gestures, effective body language, walking in Heels, Social Graces.

Art of being a good host/ guest: Party invitations, dress code, hostess gifts, preparing for your party do’s and Don’ts. Thank you notes.

Module Two: Be Gorgeous

Hair care: Hair type evaluation, basic hair care techniques, hair styling, accessories for hair.

Skin care: Evaluating your skin type, skin care regime, quick tips for healthy and glowing skin. Right products of your skin type. Best beauty secrets for Glowing skin.

Make-up: Learn quick application of makeup for your everyday looks. Makeup application techniques. styles of eye Make-up.

Diet Management: Know the secrets to a slimmer and healthier you. Get assistance on weight related issues and change your life style of eating.“Change one meal a day”

Module Three: Wardrobe Management and colour analysis.

I’m like every other woman: “A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear” -Cameron Diaz, Actress

Know your colours: Colour theory, colour seasons, primary colours, secondary colours, colour wheel, warm and cool colours.

Colour analysis: Creating your personal colour palette. Makeup colours for women of different colour seasons.

Re-invent your wardrobe: Creating capsule wardrobe, camouflage your wardrobe with right clothes and accessories. Create 10-12 looks with few outfits.

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