Style Consultant


Fashion is Ephemeral. Style is Eternal.

I believe that while fashion keeps changing style is one’s constant comrade. My endeavors are oriented towards guiding clients to create a unique style of their own using latest fashion trends to match their roles/goals, personality and most importantly, the image they want to project in various spheres of their life.

Everyone needs a stylist! While it is important to be proud of one’s own quirky, individual style, it is equally important to polish it and present a fab you. Right from a corporate executive, business person, socialite, model/celebrity or just about anyone who wishes to create a distinct image for him or her needs a stylist.

A distinct personal style goes a long way in building a “Personal Brand”.

I work in close proximity with clients to determine a style that suits them the most. We help you choose colors & shades ideally suited to your personality, appropriate fit for different set of clothing, accessories that enhance your appearance and project the desired image and a lot more.

We are sensitive to our clients’ preference and privacy; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

The interpersonal specialist Style Session with Neha Malhotra comprises of detailed discussions, assistance, recommendations and counsel for idyllic color combinations, make-up choices and clothes style that makes a perfect fit for your body type.

The idea is to blend style and fashion to suit your individual personality, bringing out the real, dynamic you. The personal styling session is enlightening, interesting, beneficial and undoubtedly, confidential.

Style consultation session takes approximately 2 hour.

“I aspire to make each personal styling session a pleasure filled and rewarding experience”. – Neha Malhotra

The sessions are planned to meet specific needs of a mommy-at-home, entrepreneur, soon-to-be-wed, have a special event approaching or looking forward to a positive makeover, we’ll help you look gorgeous, feel like a diva and think like a smart planner.

You will be offered a customized style book and colour guide to help you keep your wardrobe updated, stylized and perked up for years to come.

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