Couture for the Curvy: Culottes

Posted on March 23, 2015 · Posted in Body Shape, Style Check

While new style trends keep inundating the minds of the fashion-forward, there are very little that the voluptuously-fabulous can aspire for. Ramp models are always the ideal dress form, but the average curvy needs more form-flattering outfits to bring out her inner goddess. While fashion dictates what one should wear..
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Seasonal Colour Analysis

Posted on September 20, 2014 · Posted in Colour Analysis

We live in a very colourful world. Are you ready to rediscover in clear and vivid colours of your season? Have you ever been told you look great today? Do you wish to look as sexy and stylish in every outfit that you choose and wear? Well it’s simple. You..
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Style Check

Posted on · Posted in Style Check

To appear taller match the colour of your shoes to something worn around the face, this will not only elongate your structure but also will compliment your entire look.

Travel light tips….

Posted on · Posted in Expert Tips

What’s in the bag! I travel quite a lot, although I know how to mix match my wardrobe but the various events in my itinerary makes it impossible for me to travel light. After years of experience I have finally found the secret to pack my world within 23 kilos...
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Etiquette for Lifestyle

Posted on · Posted in Etiquette and Lifestyle, Etiquettes

Etiquette and lifestyle: in this section I would like to mention and take up all manners that help us show respect not only at home but beyond our home, in society. I will highlight different ways and means through which we can show the society how much we care and..
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Know Your Necklines 2

Posted on · Posted in Body Shape

Know Your Necklines 2 Knowing your Necklines and dressing up accordingly will help your clothes complement your body shape and size. There are times we don’t know what type of neckline to choose for ourselves. This article will guide to choose the best for you. Square: this kind of neckline works..
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Best eye makeup tips for Blue eyes

Best eye makeup tips for Blue Eyes Pick the right Eye shadow colour: for daytime and for the office,  you may choose from neutral colours and pastel shades like rose, lavender, peach and brown. Experiment different styles of eye makeup for evening: dark blue or green mascara looks really great in night..
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Best eye makeup tips for brown eyes

Best eye makeup according to your eye colour. Brown eyes:Since brown colour does not have any opposite colour in the colour wheel, most of eye makeup colours will work well with brown eyes. Women with brown eyes can carry off both black and brown eyeliners very well. I suggest wearing..
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Hot tips on Wardrobe management

Posted on · Posted in Style Workshop

“I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear” – Cameron Diaz, Actress Do you feel exactly the way beautiful Cameron Diaz feel every time you need to step out of your home? Let me help you find a solution and of course, clothes from the closet..
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Gift Giving Etiquette

Gift giving etiquette Gift giving etiquette is a great skill to possess. It’s a skill that helps you know how to choose an appropriate gift for someone so that they feel special and appreciated. Gift giving etiquette means the present should be personally selected by you keeping in mind likes..
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