Workshop Description
Colors are beautiful! Did you know there are some special colors that make YOU beautiful? This is exactly why a ‘red’ flower peps you up and a room painted ‘grey’ has no effect. Interestingly, the case may be entirely different with your friend!

Different personalities react differently to colors and there is an impact of colors on mind greater than you ever thought! Many scientific studies have shown that colors affect humans, both psychologically and emotionally.

Knowing your best colours can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. It is a great start for the journey to a new, confident and gorgeous you!

  • Know your colour season
  • Understand what colours best suit you
  • What colours to avoid – There’s a difference between a colour that attracts you and one that makes YOU attractive!
  • How to wear your colours and how to combine them.
  • How to interpret fashion trends in terms of colour.
  • You will experience a great sense of confidence with your looks. You will feel comfortable with colours you thought would never suit you.
  • Information about tones of colours that, compliment your complexion the best.
  • You will be able to shop according to your colour season and look good in everything you wear.
  • We will provide you with Reference materials, questionnaires and customised workbooks for styling, profiling during the course.
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